How we work

We have a few examples to show you how Food Crunch experts come up with healthy recipes and recipes for ailments. Research has shown that diet influences blood pressure. A high-sodium diet increases blood pressure. Therefore, recipes targeted at people with high blood pressure are low in sodium, but high in magnesium, potassium and fibre. We include nuts, seeds, lean meat, legumes and poultry in recipes specifically catered to people with high blood pressure.

Similarly, people planning to lose weight should ensure that they are burning more calories than what they consume. Food Crunch has made a note on how many calories each dish contains to make it easier for those planning to lose weight. In addition, experts at Food Crunch have come up with ingenious recipes that will help you burn calories faster and make you lean in no time. Dishes with eggs, almonds, cinnamon and red chillies that increase your metabolism and help you burn fat quickly have been added to the list of recipes for those keen on dropping a size or two.

Those without any health conditions, who are simply keen on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, can find dozens of recipes that will help them stay full yet fit. Who has the luxury of time these days to spend hours in the kitchen whipping up elaborate meals? We understand that everyone is strapped for time, which is why our recipes are quick and easy to make. You can never run out of recipes at Food Crunch. Our team of food experts is constantly working hard to ensure that you have exciting and original recipes at your fingertips at all time. Now, you can never get bored of the same food because there are so many recipes and so little time to try all of them.

At Food Crunch, we believe in sharing, which is why at the end of each recipe, we give you the opportunity to share your thoughts and comments on the dish. You can even share your thoughts on how the dish can be improved further. So, what are you waiting for? Get your pots and pans ready for a delightful food fiesta ahead.