Diet Food After Exercising

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Either talk about the favorite time pass chat of ladies in kitties or best hangouts of gents in parks, curving figures and foods are common among them. They convene to a dietician or jumble around gym to get their best look ever, but the quirk of fate lies in their poor will power to control over their diet, these ruins up their entire effort in due course.

Well! Take a deep breath now as your graving issues can be solved just by few twinkling thoughts of low cholesterol and highly nutritious food. These superbly nourishing foods can supple your body and helps in retrieving entire energy which you have lost during your exerting workout. Adding, to the fact these high fiber and vitamin content diet do not add a pinch of extra fat in your body. Thus, you can get your expected figure without negotiating with your tang. There are many food outlets which can deliver your order at your door steps. Hold down with your watery mouth and burning appetite and go through your magical diets-

  • Vegetable Brown rice with soya yogurt- Green vegetables like broccoli, beans, ring onion, capsicum are rich in iron and vitamins. When mixed with starch deprived brown rice these vegetables comprehend a lip smacking and nourishment rich diet. If you want to add some protein content nothing can replace soya yogurt.
  • Whole grain sandwich with a green salad – Sandwiches usually represent calorific food, but here you can try whole grain sandwiches stuffed with sprouts these are full of carbohydrate and protein in it. Green salads complement both the taste and nutrient by adding vitamins and fibers in your diet.
  • Mixed fruit pulp with baked bread – Pulp of juicy fruits like blueberry, strawberry, orange and mango mixed together, condensed with some brown sugar and served with baked bread can complete your breakfast as well as snacks diet.

Hurry up! Now your delectable diet is waiting to melt in your mouth.

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